VIDEO: Ayra Starr — Rhythm & Blues

VIDEO: Ayra Starr — Rhythm & Blues

Introducing Ayra Starr, a remarkable Nigerian singer blessed with an astounding vocal range, as she unveils the highly anticipated music video for her latest single, “Rhythm & Blues.” Teasing her fans on Instagram, Ayra Starr treated them to a glimpse of this infectious Afro-pop track that is sure to leave listeners captivated.


Behind the scenes, the production credits for “Rhythm & Blues” go to none other than London, a multifaceted producer known for his ability to craft sensational beats that perfectly complement the artist’s style. This track serves as a prelude to Ayra Starr’s upcoming album, a project that is eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide. Following closely behind the release of Rush’s highly relevant album and the deluxe version of Ayra Starr’s own “19 & Dangerous” album, “Rhythm & Blues” promises to offer a glimpse into the artist’s musical evolution and growth.


Directing the visually stunning music video for “Rhythm & Blues” is the talented Earthboi, whose creative vision brings Ayra Starr’s artistic expression to life. From mesmerizing choreography to striking visuals, the video offers a feast for the senses, further enhancing the captivating nature of the song.


Now, it’s time for you to dive into Ayra Starr’s world and experience “Rhythm & Blues” for yourself. Watch the music video and immerse yourself in the artistry of this sensational artist. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and let us know how this track resonates with you. Ayra Starr’s journey is only just beginning, and there’s no doubt that her unique talent and undeniable passion will continue to leave an indelible mark on the music scene.


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