Pastor Ighodalo – Those who don’t give their first salary to God end up struggling in life

Pastor Ighodalo – Those who don’t give their first salary to God end up struggling in life

Trinity House Church’s senior pastor, Ituah Ighodalo, emphasized in a recent interview with PUNCH the significance of recognizing church leaders and prioritizing their compensation above other members. During the interview, he delved into the topics of tithes, harvests, and the concept of the first fruits.


Ighodalo candidly disclosed that in the early stages of any new endeavor, the very first offering one receives can be likened to the first fruit of their labor. Drawing inspiration from the biblical verse Exodus 23:16, which states, “The feast of harvest, the first fruit of your labor, which you have sown in the field,” he expressed the importance of acknowledging this initial blessing.


According to Ighodalo, it is essential that church leaders, particularly pastors, partake in the first fruit offering. Failing to do so could potentially lead to a multitude of challenges and even loss of harvest. By fulfiling this obligation, pastors play a pivotal role in maintaining a harmonious spiritual order within the church.


Highlighting the scriptural basis for this practice, Ighodalo elucidated that the first fruit offering should rightly be assigned to the pastors of the church, as they are entrusted with the spiritual guidance and well-being of the congregation. This allocation of the first fruit offering serves not only as a form of appreciation for their dedicated service but also as a means to provide for their welfare and sustenance.


Ighodalo emphasized that neglecting to offer the first fruit to the church and its pastors may have significant consequences. He stressed that by disregarding this practice, individuals may find themselves facing unexpected challenges and difficulties in their endeavors. It is not merely a matter of financial support, but also a matter of ensuring spiritual alignment and reaping the blessings that come with honoring the divine order.


In sharing these insights, Ighodalo aims to create awareness and understanding of the importance of the first fruit offering within Trinity House Church. By shedding light on its scriptural foundation and practical implications, he seeks to foster a deeper appreciation and commitment among the church members to uphold this tradition.


Moreover, Ighodalo’s remarks serve as a reminder of the reciprocal relationship between the church leaders and the congregation. Just as the pastors provide spiritual guidance and support to the members, it is crucial for the members to reciprocate by honoring and supporting their leaders through the first fruit offering.


In conclusion, Trinity House Church’s senior pastor, Ituah Ighodalo, emphasizes the significance of prioritizing the compensation of church leaders, particularly through the first fruit offering. By recognizing this tradition and honoring their spiritual authority, both the pastors and the congregation can foster a stronger spiritual connection and receive the abundant blessings that come from faithfully following the divine order.

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