Oxlade claims he lost N400m endorsement deals due to a sex tape scandal

Oxlade claims he lost N400m endorsement deals due to a sex tape scandal

Afro-pop sensation Ikuforiji Olaitan, affectionately known as Oxlade, has candidly shared the profound repercussions he faced, losing endorsement deals worth an astonishing sum exceeding N400 million due to the unfortunate leak of a private video. This incident unfolded when a video featuring Oxlade and an unidentified woman emerged on Snapchat back in February of 2022.

During a recent installment of the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast, Oxlade bravely recounted his harrowing ordeal, shedding light on the distressing experience of being targeted by blackmailers before the video was ultimately released to the public eye. Despite the initial shock and anguish, Oxlade admitted to a sense of liberation once the video was out in the open, relieving him from the relentless pressure of extortion attempts.

Nevertheless, Oxlade did not shy away from acknowledging the far-reaching consequences of the scandal, recognizing its profound impact on various facets of his life. The toll extended beyond mere financial losses, as he spoke of the distress inflicted upon his family, the toll it took on his mental well-being, and the tarnishing of his professional reputation.

This unfortunate episode served as a stark reminder of the vulnerability inherent in the lives of public figures, highlighting the immense challenges they often face behind the glamour and spotlight.

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