Michael Jackson’s mom, Katherine, 93, has received over $55M since his death, estate reveals

Michael Jackson’s mom, Katherine, 93, has received over $55M since his death, estate reveals

TMZ reports that the late King of Pop’s estate has submitted legal documents in their dispute with 93-year-old Katherine over her attorney’s fees, which she wants the estate to cover.

Since Michael’s passing in 2009, the estate argues that Katherine has received substantial cash and benefits, totaling over $55 million in nearly 15 years. A significant portion of this amount, approximately $33 million, allegedly stems from a monthly allowance exceeding $160,000.

This development comes after legal filings by Michael’s son, Blanket ‘Bigi’ Jackson, 22, who aims to prevent his grandmother from accessing estate funds amid an ongoing legal battle with the estate executors.

Michael Jackson

The estate of the late King of Pop has recently submitted legal documents in their ongoing dispute with Katherine, aged 93, regarding the coverage of her attorney’s fees, as disclosed by a representative to TMZ.

Asserting that Katherine is adequately provided for, the estate claims to have expended over $15 million on acquiring and enhancing her luxurious residence, as well as covering her transportation, personal gardening services, culinary needs, and security arrangements.

Contending that Katherine is financially capable of shouldering her legal expenses, the estate executors underscore their belief that she is well-supported by the estate.

The crux of the disagreement between Katherine and Michael’s estate revolves around a substantial deal struck by the estate for the sale of a portion of Michael’s music rights. Katherine, reportedly in opposition to this deal, is now seeking the estate to assume responsibility for her legal fees.

Complicating matters further, Michael’s son, Blanket ‘Bigi’ Jackson, 22, has lodged legal documents aiming to prevent his grandmother from accessing estate funds. This adds a new layer of complexity to the protracted legal battle, which continues nearly 15 years after Michael’s untimely passing.

Despite recent displays of familial unity, Katherine and Blanket had aligned in opposition to the potential sale of Michael’s catalog. However, Blanket refrained from joining Katherine in appealing the court’s ruling, which allowed the estate executors to explore further sales options.

Blanket’s legal representatives have expressed concerns over mounting legal expenses, urging the court to consider reimbursing Katherine for her past legal fees. They have emphasized Blanket’s desire for privacy and discretion in these proceedings.

Meanwhile, estate executors John Branca and John McClain have filed paperwork seeking to halt Katherine’s pursuit of $561,548 from them in connection with a dispute over Michael’s catalog.

Katherine’s resistance to the sale of her son’s work is grounded in his purported wishes and the perceived financial stability of the estate. In contrast, Branca and McClain argue that the sale is imperative to address the estate’s significant debts and enhance its financial standing.

Despite Katherine’s objections, the court sanctioned the sale, prompting her subsequent appeal, which the estate executors vigorously contested. As of now, the court has yet to render a verdict on the matter.

Recent developments have seen the estate announcing a partial sale of Jackson’s catalog to Sony for $600 million, further complicating the legal and familial dynamics surrounding Michael’s legacy. Prince, Michael’s eldest son, has opted to maintain a private stance on the issue, underscoring his preference for confidentiality to avoid any potential disruptions to future transactions.

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